We started with a simple idea.

Company overview

Coral Freight maintains close working relationship with various trustworthy logistics partners and establishes partnership with both local and international agents in order to meet and keep up with our customers’ logistics need. We have the knowledge and expertise to offer efficient, cost effective and reliable logistics solutions.

Our goal is to assist our clients move their goods easily and efficiently while taking account of sustainable transport. We have a client base throughout the UK, Ireland and Turkey, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, reliable service, specific to each of our client’s unique requirements.

Throughout our network, we offer competitive pricing based on mode of transport, optimal transit time and environmental sustainability. Our clients can consider the mode of transport or modal combinations that best meet their logistics requirements, based on frequency of service, transit times, freight rates and sustainability.


Our enthusiasm and in-house expertise combined with trusted partnerships with the major international hauliers and shipping lines, allow us to offer excellent service levels combined with highly competitive pricing and conditions.

We started with a simple idea.

Single Point of Contact

Communication is key, your point of contact will make sure all your queries answered promptly.

Flow of Information

By adopting an innovative approach, we are able to provide accurate and reliable information.

Excellent Feedback

Our customers can depend on our professional attitude and honest approach to business.

Tailored Mode of Transports

Supported by a multilingual team and local experts, we will be able to offer best mode of transport.

Optimised Transit Times

Being pro-active means, your cargo reaches its destination as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Competitive Prices

Identifying the quickest and most cost-efficient route can be a mine field but this is where we can help.